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Frequently Asked Questions
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How does Virtual Try-On work? 

With our Virtual Try-On tool, you’re able to virtually try on makeup before purchasing so you can see how the various shades of Bobbi Brown bestsellers look on you. From finding the right foundation shade to testing eye shadow colors, it’s easy to find your favorites right from home. There are two ways to use Virtual Try-On: click “Upload” to try products on a photo of yourself, or choose “Live Camera” to try in a virtual mirror. From there, you're able to try various shades of the product and determine what looks best on you. 

What is a Virtual Artistry Consultation? 

A Virtual Consultation with a Bobbi Brown Pro Artist is a complimentary one-on-one online makeup session you can have from the comfort of your home or office. Get personalized advice on solidifying your perfect Bobbi Brown makeup routine or skincare regimen at these digital services. Our artists come prepared with pro tips and product recs. If you’d like, you can bring your favorite Bobbi Brown essentials and learn side by side. From finding your undertone-correct shade to your perfect foundation formula, we will make it easy to put your best face forward at this one-on-one Bobbi Brown makeup consultation. Or put together a personalized routine for makeup-ready skin and get tips for making the most of it with a one-on-one skincare consultation. If you want a makeup lesson, meet one-on-one with a Pro Artist to create an effortless look you’ll want to wear every day. 

What are virtual events? 

A virtual event is an online event that’s viewable live and at a later time. Bobbi Brown Live features livestreams of our Pro Artists showing everything from how to get Bobbi Brown makeup done to how to set up the proper skincare, and more. To stay up to date with our virtual events, check out our latest live videos and sign up for our emails. 

How do I watch livestream Bobbi Brown makeup tutorials? 

It's easier than ever to watch the best makeup tutorials from our Pro Artists via Bobbi Brown Live. Our pros, as well as guest artists, influencers, and other beauty experts, record livestream videos to introduce easy looks, present new products, share tips and tricks, and more. If you’ve missed the latest livestream tutorial, visit our Bobbi Brown Live page to catch up and learn from the best and brightest in beauty. 

How do I find my makeup shade online? 

It can be hard to find makeup shades online that match your skin tone exactly. But makeup shade finders and virtual tools have made it easier than ever to determine which makeup shades work for you. Our Foundation Shade Finder quiz matches you to your skin-true shade in 15 seconds. And our Virtual Try-On tool (for mobile only) lets you see yourself in shades of our fan-favorites. If you’re still unsure, even with the help of these tools, our artists are available to help using our chat feature.