“Makeup should make you look and feel like yourself, only more confident!”
  • Position: Global Pro Artist
  • Location: London, UK
  • Specialty: Clean, fresh glamour
  • Inspired by: Culture
Known for her stunning bridal looks and quick makeup hacks (check out her Instagram stories @bbpro_amyconway), Amy has a fresh, modern perspective that’s all about bringing personality to life through natural-looking makeup.
Amy’s favorites

“Mascara, always! And corrector-
It’s amazing how much less coverage
you need if you cover undereye
darkness first.”
the Beauty
There's nothing more beautiful than?
A big smile layered with Luxe Lip Color

Other dream job?

Interior designer

Less, more?

Less foundation, more corrector

Unexpected part of the job?

Secrets - and keeping them

Bucket list?

Write a book

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