Line My Eyes

Powder, pencil, gel, liquid–here's
how to get your eyeliner right.

CHOOSE YOUR EYELINER based on the look you're after. If you want a softer or smudgy line, use a dark powder shadow or pencil. For the most dramatic effect or when you want a more graphic line, go for gel or liquid liner.

APPLY LINER as close to the base of the lashes as possible. Start thick at the outer corner of the eye and gradually make the line thinner towards the inner corner of the eye. Always line the entire length of the eye; never line just halfway–this will make eyes look smaller.

AFTER LINING THE UPPER LASHLINE, look straight into the mirror. The liner should be thick enough to be visible when your eyes are wide open. If you see any gaps between the liner and your lashline, go back and fill them in or smudge a lighter shadow on top to diffuse any mistakes or uneven edges.

IF YOU CHOOSE TO LINE THE LOWER LASHLINE as well, use a lighter hand and make sure that the line connects to the top line at the outer corner of the eye. Lining all the way around is a stronger look and is also good if you have deep-set eyes.

TIP: To give eyes extra depth and make them stand out even more, double-line the top lashline. Line first with a dark powder shadow applied with a dry eye liner brush, then finish with a clean, sharp line using gel liner.