Michele Shakeshaft
Washington, DC
Michele’s natural ability to inspire confidence is what makes her a sought-after artist for
beauty events across the country. Known for creating the ultimate smokey eye, she offers a
refreshing approach to makeup—fusing classic techniques with a twist on modern trends.
behind the
When did you know you wanted to work in beauty?
I’ve always had a deep admiration for fashion and beauty. I still remember how excited I would get driving to my grandmother’s house in New York. All I could think about was putting on her wigs and her metallic green eye shadow. I still want that eye shadow.
What’s your makeup philosophy?
Makeup is about giving someone what they need that day—in that moment. It’s personal. Our needs change day to day, and our makeup can change with us. Do what makes you feel confident!
Do you have any hidden talents?
Photography and interior decorating.
What’s the most beautiful place you’ve ever visited?
Thailand. The people are so nice, the temples are magnificent and serene, and the natural rock formations are breathtaking—the beauty of that country never ends.
If you could time-travel to any era, which one would you pick?
The '60s—the change, the Civil Rights Movement, the music, the fashion.
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