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Retouching Face Pencil

Created to make skin look like it’s been retouched—naturally—this multi-use pencil gives you full, creamy-matte coverage with an undetectable finish. Available in 9 skin tone correct shades and 1 illuminate shade.  Plus with Free Shipping & Free Returns we guarantee your perfect match. Here’s how to use it.
How do I look less tired?

Retouching Face Pencil $32.00

Retouching Face Pencil is an easy way to brighten dark, recessed areas for a fresh, wide awake look. Choose a pencil 1-2 shades lighter than your foundation and apply at the inner corners of eyes, around the nose and corners of mouth. Blend out with fingers.

How do I cover dark spots that show through foundation?

Retouching Face Pencil $32.00

The best way to cover dark spots is by layering two shades of Retouching Face Pencil before applying foundation. Start with a pencil that's 1-2 shades lighter than your skin tone, followed by a pencil that matches your skin tone.

I get really red around my nose and mouth—how do I even things out?

Retouching Face Pencil $32.00

A Retouching Face Pencil that matches your skin tone will blend seamlessly into skin and correct any discoloration—just apply wherever you see redness or unevenness and blend with fingers.

How do I create subtle highlights?

Retouching Face Pencil $32.00

Infused with light-catching shimmer, the Illuminate Pencil makes it easy to create natural-looking highlights. Try applying at the inner corner of the eye, along the brow bone and on top of cheekbones, then blend in with fingers.