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Most Asked Beauty Questions
Q: What is the best way to cover fine lines?

A: Don't think of your lines as a negative. I think they're beautiful and we get them from living, laughing, expressing ourselves. You can't really cover lines, so focus on making your skin look smooth and even. The best way to do this is with a rich face moisturizer, which will help plump up skin and make lines look less obvious. Use cream formulas of concealer, foundation, and blush; they'll glide over your skin instead of settling and collecting in the lines. If you've got fine lines around your eyes, draw attention away from them by lining your eyes to make your eyes stand out. A touch of blush on cheeks makes you look fresh and pretty. Use a rich lip balm (or even your eye cream) to hydrate lines around the lips. To keep lipstick from feathering, line your lips after applying your lipstick.

Q: What can I do to make my eyeshadow last longer than lunchtime?

A: Don't apply eye cream on your lids in the morning - the added emollients in the cream will cause any makeup you apply afterwards to slip right off. Before applying shadow, prime your lids by pressing on face powder. This creates a base for the shadow to stick to. And go for powder shadow formulas, which are longer-lasting than oil-based cream shadows.

Q: I like my makeup very natural and have never used foundation. Is it really "a must" to use and what other makeup items are key to looking great without having to do too much?

A: If I could only own one piece of makeup, it would be concealer. A yellow-toned concealer (one shade lighter than your foundation) works wonders on dark circles and instantly brightens and lifts your face. Foundation seems too fussy for you, so try tinted moisturizer instead. It's super sheer and has just enough color to even out any redness. I think everyone looks prettier with blush on, so try a shade that looks like your cheeks after a workout.

Q: How do you pick the right blush for your skin tone? I think I look better in pinks but people tell me the coral/orange colors look better on me. Since I coordinate my lipstick with this, it affects that choice too.

A: If you have porcelain skin, use pale pink or pastel apricot blush. Fair skin looks good in sandy pink tones. Go for tawny brownish pinks if you have medium skin. Dark skin looks good in plum, golden brown, and deep rose. Use deep red or bronzer on very dark skin.

Q: I use a lip pencil since I have thin lips and lipstick just doesn't show without it. But I can never seem to get the outline right. My lips are a little lopsided and unless I "widen" certain parts with the pencil, I look ridiculous. Should I follow my own lip line or just how do you apply a lip pencil?

A: Start by making sure that your lip pencil is the same shade as your lips. When you line, your best bet is always to follow your natural lip line. Resist the urge to draw in bigger lips - it'll look fake.

Q: I live in a high-humidity region and my face becomes covered in moisture a few moments after I've stepped outside. How do I find a moisturizer that I can switch to in summer that does the same job on my face without drowning my skin when I'm outside?

A: Our skin's needs change with the seasons, so most women need at least two types of moisturizer. It sounds like your moisturizer - which was perfect when your skin was dry in the winter - is now too heavy for the summer. If you usually use a cream, then switch to a lotion. If you normally use a lotion, then switch to a moisturizing gel.